Katt’s Corner

Ruff was an angry girl, she kept her dog close to her, his name was also Ruff. He was a huge black and brown Rottweiler… If she ever needed any protection, he would be all she ever needed. I saw her one day yell RUFF, and he proceeded to charge at her enemy… long story short, awful ending! Everyone knew to leave Ruff be. She was quiet but kept a deadly look in her eyes. Her dog Ruff looked just as scary and he would protect his owner by any means necessary!

She taught Ruff to do all sorts of things, but stealing would be the most essential, for they had to survive. Ruff was a thirteen year old orphan and before she became anyone’s charity case, she’d get it on her own! She didn’t have any parents and she was already a product of the system from the time she was conceived. Many say that her dog Ruff was the one who discovered her as her newborn body lay in a basket in the middle of the projects. It would be the first and last day she would ever spend alone.

No matter where Ruff ended up, her dog would always find her. She would be placed in a home on the other side of town, but he would always manage to find her. He’d sit right in front of the yard waiting on her. He needed her love just as much as she needed his. They were inseparable and as Ruff grew, so did her best friend. He wasn’t just her best friend though, he was her partner in crime.

She trained Ruff to follow her every command with a nod of her head and the call of his name. I often wondered why she named her dog after herself, but then again, it just seemed to fit. Life was rough for the both of them but they took care of one another. When it was time to eat, she would send Ruff to sneak inside of retailers for food. When it was time to sleep, she would lay under him for comfort or warmth and when it was time for protection, it was up to Ruff, the owner, whether you live or die.

Quiet as kept, she didn’t bother anyone but she didn’t want anyone bothering her for that matter, either. You see, Ruff was never taught love, so she lacked it when it came to giving or receiving. The only thing she knew about love was the love she had for her dog, and he for her. She had no friends nor family, so friendly was something she was not!
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