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IMG_7224When I first had the idea of creating Like It Ruff, I wanted to showcase interviews of various individuals from music artists to actors to comedians to motivational speakers. Anything and anyone in the entertainment industry. I set out to make contact with these people and create a relationship before asking for the interview. Turns out, there are some pretty cool industry folk out there. All the way down to the publicists. I have so many interviews lined up, I had to create more sections of the magazine.

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When I first started writing, I was an emcee. I wrote rhymes and performed rap songs. Then, I ventured into stand up comedy. I wanted to continue entertaining people, but I grew out of the rap artist scene. I tried my hand at making folks laugh. Turns out, I'm pretty good at it. But, I still wanted to write. And not just jokes. I wanted to write, articles, stories about people, places and things.

I found The Good Men Project. I started writing articles about once or twice a month. I graduated to writing as a weekly columnist. I perfected my craft and owe much of my success to what I learned while writing for GMP. I started my own freelance writing company which quickly grew into this magazine, Like It Ruff. And I decided to start each issue with drink reviews, 'M-Bibe' and then a celebrity interview, followed by the book of the month. Bless you with a latest concert review, and some exclusive pictures. Then, play a little game of the 'Dozens'. Well, not really the Dozens. Just a little jokey joke section.

Then I thought, nobody tells me about any real places that I visit. Let me start by reviewing some of these regular spots for us regular folks. Ain't no reason to be reading about a place you are not going to. 'Been Around the World' is dedicated to the traveler who goes to places like the DC Harbor, the National Museum of African American History. Nothing extra. Lots of local spots. Average hopping, on an average person salary. Now. On the heels of a multitude of editions, every upcoming issue of Like It Ruff, I have managed to enlist a select few fellow writers to help keep the ideas and content fresh. Expect more music reviews and various interviews from guest authors.

And, now. For 2019, Like It, Ruff is undergoing a massive re-branding and will now assume the magazine name of The Write One. Stay tuned!

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