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The Golden Globes Kryptonite.

Just finished watching “Queen & Slim”. You know the movie that critics said they couldn’t watch, right?

Right! If I had listened to them, I would have missed a great movie.

“Queen & Slim” is a modern-day Bonnie & Clyde style flic. A 2019 romantic drama film about a first date that quickly takes a left turn. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, the film stars Daniel Kaluuya (Slim), Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen), Bokeem Woodbine (Uncle Earl), Chloe Sevigny (Mrs. Shephard) and Flea (Mr. Shepard).

My favorite character, outside of the obvious main character in Slim, was Uncle Earl. Bokeem Woodbine did a fabulous job at portraying the southern uncle. The whole cast of the characters did well. This film was jam packed with good acting.  

As with any film I just finish watching, I tend to run through a list of lessons learned and subliminal images or situations located inside the movie. The one that sticks out in my mind is how subliminally the film makes it appear that it’s always your own people who you should not trust. And, once again, the savior is in the Other man.

Overall, the moral of the story seems to be that in 2020, we still need to be careful when dealing with the US Criminal Justice System. Queen & Slim, however innocent they may have been, chose to run from the law instead of seeking assistance from the law. That speaks volumes for today’s society.

If you are a fan of love stories or romantic films, this film about Black love is a must see. Contrary to Golden Globes voters, this film is quite the bomb diggy! I recommend this to anyone who is in love, anyone who has been in love before, or anyone who is simply looking for love. Check out “Queen & Slim”. It is an R rated movie, so, you younger teenagers may have to wait for the DVD or get your parents to take you.

In summary, I must give this film an A.  An A for the acting. An A for the directing. An A for the writing. And also an A+ for the messages hidden throughout the film. When you see the movie, please, pay close attention. There are details in the scenes, character motives and decisions that make sense to the Woke. But may be easily misunderstood by the masses.


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