Photography by Ruff

B505C562-B4A3-4E5B-8FBB-1DFEC2B49A37IMG_4481Saliek Ruffin was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in Roxbury, the inner city of Boston. His first big break came in the winter of 2017 when he was invited to photograph former Chief Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Lee Satterfield. Judge Satterfield was having a book signing of book, ‘Courageous Warriors’. Soon after the book signing event, he had chosen to develop his own media outlet for his photography as well as writings through his magazine, ‘Like It, Ruff’. Early in his photography he also started editing and shooting travel pictures which later became a natural step towards the success of his magazine ‘Like t, Ruff’. Saliek Ruffin’s work is very much focused on  light and shadowing, a cinematic feeling with a clear focus on the subject.

Please, browse his portfolio here at The Whole Picture.